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Bespoke Manufacturing

Many medical gas systems are designed and installed using off-the-shelf parts. In many instances, this is a good engineering design, as using mass-produced parts to create a final unique system, helps to keep the overall price of the installation down. It would be illogical and expensive to manufacture each part needed when the components are already freely available.

However, there are some situations where the ability to create bespoke items is essential to ensure that the project can go ahead. At Midland Medical Services we are experienced and skilled at bespoke manufacturing, which enables us to provide solutions to challenging scenarios.

One of our key talents at Midland Medical Services is our ability to work with old or difficult systems. Often these systems need specially designed parts to enable them to be used. In some instances, the parts may be available for re-manufacture, but this is not always an option. Our skill in bespoke manufacturing gives us the ability to design and engineer the necessary parts to get the old system functioning again. This can be a very economical solution to the problem.

Bespoke manufacturing can also be used in other situations. Some buildings can be challenging environments with complex structures and layouts that need bespoke manufacturing to provide solutions. Some environments just need a totally bespoke system, that must be designed and manufactured from scratch. In some cases, you can use a combination of readily available resources combined with bespoke manufactured components to create an operational medical gas system.


We understand the financial implications of bespoke manufacturing, and will always carefully advise you on whether this is the best solution to your problem. When bespoke manufacturing is the solution you can be confident that our pricing will be fair, and viable. Our investment in our facilities and equipment means that we have the resources to be able to offer you bespoke manufacturing. Our engineering teams are skilled at designing bespoke systems that suit your needs. Our teams have the capabilities and capacity to be able to design and create bespoke systems efficiently and economically.

We are renowned for our experience and knowledge. With over 30 years of experience in the medical gas systems industry, you can be confident that the advice we give you will be second to none. It is why we work with many key NHS trusts across the country for their medical gas management, as they know that they can rely on the advice and information that we give them. All our engineers are qualified and trained to a high standard, and they bring this high level of expertise to every project that they undertake. We understand the importance of the medical gas systems, and how they are used in your work. Consequently, we take great pride in ensuring that our bespoke manufacturing solutions and medical gas installations are always to the very highest industry standard. We will always work with you to achieve a solution. If you are looking for advice or support with a complex medical gas system, come and speak to the team at Midland Medical Services today.