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Medical Gas Maintenance

Maintaining your medical gas system is incredibly important. We offer servicing and Quarterly Planned Preventative Maintenance as laid out in the HTM, Health Technical Memorandum, to provide best practice engineering standards and policy. This ensures that you are fully compliant with the latest regulations, and when you have a maintenance contract with Midland Medical Services you can rest assured that we will keep abreast of any changes that may be implemented by the HTM. Servicing also ensures that your medical gas pipeline system is working optimally. Regular servicing helps to pick up on problems before they magnify, reducing the likelihood of a major breakdown.

Not only do we offer regular medical gas systems maintenance contracts, which help to prevent problems from arising, but we also have the resources to respond to emergencies. We have 24 hours call-out available 365 days of the year so that you know we are always here for you. In the rare event of a major system failure, we have emergency plant and equipment hire meaning that we will be by your side even at the worst of times. Our maintenance contracts are tailored to your requirements, and the frequency and details of your medical gas maintenance contract will be carefully geared to your operating patterns.

The volume and scale of your operation will impact upon the pressure placed upon the medical gas piping, and this needs to be taken into account when we are planning your maintenance contract. We don’t do one-size-fits-all, we do personal, tailor-made maintenance contracts to ensure that your medical gas systems are performing at their optimum.

Midland Medical Services offer servicing and Quarterly Planned Preventative Maintenance as laid out in the HTM, Health Technical Memorandum, to provide best practice engineering standards and policy, as demonstrated here.

We don’t need to have designed and installed your medical gas pipework to provide you with a medical gas maintenance contract. We can work with any medical gas system, we will work with the same thoroughness and professionalism that we are renowned for. When we carry out our maintenance inspections, we will be able to advise on areas where modifications or upgrades may be beneficial for your operation. Our servicing will be able to detect weaknesses or areas of concern that can then be swiftly and safely remedied. Where we have designed and installed a system, using us for your servicing contract gives you continuity of service and one point of contact.

Our engineers are experienced professionals, they are qualified to AP standards, giving you the reassurance of knowing that the work carried out will be performed to an excellent standard. We have long-term working relationships with the National Health Service, PCT’s, Private Healthcare Facilities management companies, and the IHEEM (The Institute of healthcare, engineering and estates management). We are committed to building working relationships with companies and corporations to ensure that their medical gas systems are to the highest standard.

If you are looking to re-contract your medical gas system maintenance contract, speak to us. We are experienced, reliable, and professional. We combine years of experience with the desire to improve, constantly researching to ensure that we remain at the cutting-edge of the latest technology. Our engineers are passionate about delivering the very best service to our customers, and ensuring that the medical gas systems that we design, install, commission and maintain are working to their optimum requirements, and helping the medical teams that rely on them every day. We are always available to discuss your medical gas systems. For more information please call the team at Midland Medical Services today.