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When working with medical gas systems we must maintain our high standards of quality. Medical gas systems are vital systems that are relied upon by medical professionals to support them in giving life-saving care to patients. Ensuring that our workmanship, engineering, and processes are consistently high quality at all times, is a crucial element of our quality control.

At Midland Medical Services we operate a Quality Assurance system approved to ISO9001:2000, this is a proven certification of a business’ Quality Management system. Not only does this reassure our clients about the standard of our quality, but it gives us the framework to maintain and improve our quality levels. We always strive for continual improvement and development in our processes and systems. Always aiming to optimise, and fine-tune the quality of our engineering. Always researching developing areas and keeping abreast of the latest technical innovations. We are constantly taking the time to find measures that can be passed onto our customers, to optimise their medical gas systems.

To maintain the quality of our engineering craftsmanship, we ensure that all our engineers are trained to AP standards as per HTM 02/01. We combine this with our Quality Assurance system to ensure that the work delivered is to the standard that we would expect. We encourage CPD (Continuous Professional Development) amongst our teams of engineers, supporting them to excel in their specialist areas of interest.


The medical and laboratory gas industry is highly regulated. This gives peace of mind that the engineering work carried out will be compliant with the latest regulations. Medical gas systems are regulated by the Department of Health and Social Care. Medical gas is classed as a medicine and consequently is highly regulated and controlled. We ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest guidelines from the Department of Health and Social Care and the Health Techincal Memorandum. The MGPS (Medical gas pipeline system) must be fully compliant with the latest HTM (Health Technical Memoranda) standards. We ensure that we are always up to date with the latest regulations and rules. Laboratory gas systems are regulated by a different governing body, this is the British Compressed Gas Association BCGA. All our laboratory gas work is carried out in compliance with the BCGA code of practices.

When you come to the team at Midland Medical Services you can be assured about the quality of our work. We are regulated by the appropriate governing bodies and remain fully compliant at all times. All installations and maintenance work is carried out to the latest standards and follows the industry-specific guidelines. We ensure that we are always up-to-date with any changes, so you can be confident that your work is correct to the most recent changes. We internally monitor ourselves to ensure that our high level of quality is maintained. This ensures that our high level of service never falters and that we continue to be renowned for the quality of our engineering skills across the country and beyond. For quality you can rely on, come to Midland Medical Services today.