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Our technical experience here at Midland Medical Services is second to none. We have invested heavily in our people, ensuring that our team has both breadth and depth to tackle a whole range of technical engineering issues. Our maintenance team and engineers are trained to AP standard as per HTM 02/01. They are experienced, dedicated, and conscientious. Our technical expertise is not just limited to the design and installation of new systems, we are renowned for our talent at working with old or difficult plant items.

It is one technical skill to design and install a new system with modern materials, and design techniques, and a skill that we do very well. However, in many instances, there are simply not the resources to be able to start over from scratch with a completely new system.


Often it is necessary to work with an existing system, and re-manufacture and re-engineer it to be safe and workable. We are also experienced at integrating and extending current central alarm equipment into old systems. This technical knowledge, and ability to work with medical gas systems of differing ages and states, sets us apart from other medical gas installation companies.

Our engineers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can be confident that you will have access to our first-class service no matter when you need it. This reassurance will give you peace of mind. Our medical gas maintenance contracts give you regular servicing which can reduce the chances of an emergency call-out. If you have an older or more difficult system, we will take this into account when we are planning your service schedule. Ongoing servicing will facilitate the optimal functioning of your medical gas system.

Not only have we invested in our people, but we have invested in our facilities and equipment. It is important to have excellent equipment to be able to work on old or out-of-production parts, including re-manufacturing parts that are now obsolete. Many systems are kept operational by our technical expertise and ability to keep re-manufacturing vital parts. Without the investment in the machines that enable us to do this, it would not be possible. Our investment in equipment allows our engineers to be able to work to an extremely high standard out in the field. Furthermore, our investment in re-manufacturing means that we can keep a range of re-manufactured pumps in stock. This foresight means that in the event of a breakdown in your medical gas pipeline systems, we have instant access to certain parts. Our investment also extends to having parts available including vacuum pumps and air compressors that can be hired out during major shutdowns.

Our technical knowledge and experience give us the capabilities to be able to accurately forecast which parts to keep in stock for use in emergency situations. Our technical abilities mean we can keep parts operational that may be vital to the functioning of your medical gas systems. Our knowledge and experience are threaded through all that we do. Whether we are designing a completely new medical gas system, or refurbishing obsolete parts to keep an old system functioning, we are dedicated and committed. We are passionate about delivering an incredibly high standard of work, and understand the importance of medical gas systems. When you come to Midland Medical Services for your medical gas systems advice, you can be confident that you will receive balanced, impartial, and knowledge-based advice. Our teams are on-hand to help you at all times, for technical support and advice about your medical gas systems, contact the team at Midland Medical Services today.