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The Importance of Medical Services During The Pandemic

Never before in history has the importance of medical gas systems been so obviously demonstrated, as during the Coronavirus pandemic. Midland Medical Services have over 30 years of experience in the design, installation, maintenance, and commissioning of medical gas systems. Midland Medical Services know how vitally important medical gas systems are, both during emergencies and every day across a variety of sectors. It is not only NHS hospitals that require medical gas systems but a whole host of other areas where having well-engineered quality medical gas systems makes an incredible difference. Temporary field hospitals, both in the UK for emergencies such as the Coronavirus pandemic, and abroad for the military or disaster zones, need efficient and safe medical gas piping. While other industries such as dentistry, veterinary also require medical gas services for operations, and procedures. Many laboratories require extensive laboratory gas installations, often requiring complex gas pipework designing to provide an array of different medical gas and laboratory gas for different scenarios. Whatever industry you are in, if you require medical gas services products, design, installation, commissioning, or maintenance, come to the team at Midland Medical Services.

Many hospitals are dealing with old medical gas systems that have been installed many years before. Other newly built or refurbished buildings may need complete medical gas installations. New wings added to existing locations can require additions to their current medical gas pipework. Whatever scenario you are facing, Midland Medical Services are here to help you with solutions to your problems. With our complete service for all your medical gas systems and laboratory gas from design to installation, commissioning, and maintenance, we are here to work with you. Your services are lifesaving and life-altering, the work done both across the medical sector and across the non-medical laboratories in research and development, is incredible, cutting-edge, and vital. Let us give you the resources to do your job. Trying to operate with an old, or faulty system is both inefficient and dangerous. If your medical gas systems are operating at a reduced efficiency your systems will be more expensive to run. A bespoke designed medical gas system will be carefully engineered around your usage, with a full understanding of your capacity requirements and operating patterns. Our engineers’ expertise will enable them to understand how you want your system to perform and their knowledge will allow them to design a medical gas system that is fit for your purpose.

Other designers and engineers can fail to listen, can fail to appreciate how the system will be used, what requirements you have from your medical gas pipeline systems. Not the engineers at Midland Medical Services. Our experience will allow us to accurately assess your current medical gas system and advise you on your next steps. We don’t just sell you a medical gas pipework system, we work with you as ongoing partners to support your needs. We can maintain your current system; we can advise on upgrades to increase capacity or productivity without needing a full rebuild. We can commission as requested, and we can provide onsite emergency maintenance. We work with you.

Our full design and installation service is renowned across the country. Not only are we known for the quality of our engineering, but also the speed and quality of our projects. We can turn around projects in an incredibly restricted time period. It is why we were approached by the NHS to design, install, commission, and maintain all the medical gas systems at a Nightingale hospital during the Coronavirus pandemic. Our teams descended on the Nightingale hospital and a mere 8 days later, 840 beds were piped up with life-saving medical gas systems. Speed can save lives.

Whether you are looking for a completely bespoke designed medical gas system, or commissioning of your existing systems speak to the team at Midland Medical Services. We are always available for open, no-obligation discussions. Our teams operate throughout the UK and beyond and cover a multitude of sectors. With our straightforward communication, ability to listen and problem-solve, as well as our impeccable attention to detail it is easy to see why we are the first port of call for many leading companies across the country. If you are looking for a medical gas maintenance service agreement for your existing medical gas systems speak to us, we can provide you with a competitive and tailored quote to ensure your medical gas systems are maintained to the highest standard. We are fully compliant with the industry regulations as laid out by the Department of Health and Social Care. Medical gas is classed as a medicine and consequently is highly regulated and controlled. The MGPS (Medical gas pipeline system) must be fully compliant with the latest HTM (Health Technical Memoranda) standards. We ensure that we are always up to date with the latest regulations and rules. Come and speak with the team at Midland Medical Services and you will see why our reputation proceeds us.