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A Perfect Partnership

In the words of Keith Merrick, MD of Midland Medical Services, on Rob Hupperdine, MD of Nutcracker Design and Marketing, “he does what he says, he fulfils his promises.” Keith has been working with Rob for over 15 years, a durable relationship building long-term business growth. Rob has been responsible for Midland Medical Services’ website and associated marketing activities helping to increase the online presence of the medical gas pipe systems specialists.

Keith is the leading authority in his field. Summoned by the NHS to consult and advise on the installation of piped oxygen into the emergency NHS Nightingale hospital, ready to treat Coronavirus patients; Keith delivered. His team descended into the NEC on Wednesday 1st April 2020 and by the 9th April, 840 beds were piped up and complete. After pharmacy and engineering tests were carried out the beds were ready for use. During the year the followed, various revamps took place, with more beds being added. In March 2021, Keith was once again summoned by the NHS, to dismantle the pipework and return the NEC back into an entertainment venue.

Nutcracker Design and Marketing was founded by Rob over 20 years ago, and many clients have been with him since he opened his doors. As Keith says, “we have only ever used Rob, there is no need to change.” With all his clients, Rob builds durable relationships and works with them towards their long-term business goals. “Good marketing consists of steadily delivering a clear message, targeted at the right people,” says Rob. “It doesn’t happen overnight. At Nutcracker Design and Marketing we concentrate on understanding our clients’ businesses so that we can help them to achieve sustainable growth.”

As Keith corroborates, “Rob understands what we actually do as a business.” Anyone in the manufacturing sector will understand the importance of that sentence. Working with outsourced professionals can be difficult, as they can frequently fail to grasp the intricacies of a manufacturing business. Rob is different. Rob will visit the factories of his clients, he will research the industry, he will take the time to listen and to understand. After all says Rob, “to successfully create a website to show what a business does, you need to understand it yourself.” It is this commitment to their clients and attention to detail that sets Nutcracker Design and Marketing apart.

The team at Nutcracker Design and Marketing must understand exactly what Midland Medical Services do, as it plays a huge part in the company. “We have no sales personnel,” says Keith, “no marketing and sales department,” he pauses, “the website does it all.” Most businesses use their website as a pipeline to generate leads for the sales team to pursue. Not Midland Medical Services, they simply let the website do the talking. The technique has obviously paid off, with continuous, steady growth over the years, and lately the expansion of the Midland Medical Services premises.

New premises require a new look, and who better to use than Nutcracker Design and Marketing? Keith was “very impressed by the design of the new building, everyone comments on it.” Midland Medical Services’ new premises has a large expanse of glass, so Nutcracker Design and Marketing produced etched versions of the infamous photos from the Nightingale installation and used these to draw attention to the building. These incredible pieces of design show a piece not only of Midland Medical Services’ history, but also of the history of our country, and the importance of the work done by the manufacturing industry.
A business relationship of over 15 years is long indeed, but as Nutcracker Design and Marketing continue to deliver a first-class service to Midland Medical Services it looks set to continue. Keith says, “Rob is easy to get on with.” Nutcracker Design and Marketing pride themselves on the relationships they build and the service that they deliver to their clients. “I certainly recommend them to people,” says Keith, and as we all know, word-of-mouth recommendation is the best accolade a business can receive.